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Ek Shaam Mukesh Ke Naam

Ek shaam mukesh ke naam...

In June of 2024, SSS is organizing Ek Shaam Mukesh ke Naam. As a tribute to one of India’s legendary singer Mukesh. With Mukhtar Shah as a lead singer and Samanvitha Sharma as side singer. They will be performing in the cities as mentioned below in the June of 2024

15 June - Chicago, 21 June - New York, 22 June - New Jersey.
Contact Rantik Parikh and get your tickets today.

Past events

Ek shaam mukesh ke naam... By Mukhtar Shah and Samanvitha Sharma, A massive success of Sur Se Entertainment. This event was the part of USA Tour 2024 of Mukhtar Shah and Samanvitha Sharma where they performed in the cities as follows, 15th June in Chicago, 21st June in New York and 22nd June in New Jersey. Such overwhelming support from the fans and the community was a big reason behind this show's success.

To watch the glimpse of Mukhtar shah and Samanvitha's Breathe taking performances click below.

Glimpse from Chicago show

Glimpse from New Jersey Show

Glimpse from New York Show